Cyber Workforce Development


We can help your workforce effectively resist,  recognize, and recover from attacks on your network systems.

It is more important than ever to have a skilled workforce that can protect your networked systems. Your workforce must have the most current knowledge, skills, and experience to protect your organization from cyberattacks. This challenge is particularly difficult because of the nature of the cybersecurity ecosystem. Your organization must adapt to the changes in the ecosystem, whether they are problems posed by attackers or solutions supplied by researchers and developers. Attackers continually find new ways to circumvent your security controls and infiltrate your systems. Likewise, security practices and technologies constantly evolve to keep pace with this quickly changing landscape.

We Can Help. The CERT Cyber Workforce Development Team searches for innovative ways to compress the time it takes to build cyber expertise and amplify that expertise across a globally distributed workforce. With access to our "anytime, anywhere" solutions, you'll get the skills and experience to handle major cyber events. With the right tools and content, you can achieve dramatic improvements in your cyber workforce development programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional models.

Applied Research. Our applied research focuses on the areas of Cyber Workforce Development, Cyber Workforce Evaluation, and Cyber Modeling and Simulation.

Solutions. Working with stakeholders, we develop solutions to help organizations achieve dramatic improvements in their cyber workforce development programs. We provide organizations with the tools and content needed to develop and maintain a competent, skilled, and effective cyber workforce.

Key Capabilities

For a cybersecurity workforce to be effective, its members must have the most relevant knowledge, skills, and experience required for their jobs. Our key capabilities support a range of learning methodologies from traditional, static content to interactive, hands-on cybersecurity training scenarios.

Expert Content and Curriculum Development. We develop expert content and robust curricula to meet your unique workforce development needs.

Hands-On Skill Development. We create virtual training labs that enable your workforce to develop technical skills in a focused environment.

Simulated Cyber Training Events. We facilitate cyber training simulations to apply skills in environments that simulate real-world infrastructures and attacks.

Workforce Development Training Platforms. Our training platforms amplify training content delivery to provide a greater transfer of knowledge and skills.

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Collaboration opportunities exist for researching and developing more effective cyber workforce development. Let us know if you want to work with us.

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