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For nearly 30 years, the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) has been a trusted, authoritative, and neutral third-party research organization on the cutting edge of cybersecurity.

We partner with government, industry, law enforcement, and academia to develop advanced methods and technologies that counter large-scale, sophisticated cyber threats.

Engaging with us is easy. Attend one of our training courses, request a security-related assessment, collaborate with us on our research projects, and more.

Attend an Event

We sponsor many conferences and meetings, including FloCon 2017. Read more and register to attend.

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Our approach to security training builds your knowledge, skills, and experience in a continuous cycle of professional development. We offer courses both in person and online, and we have repositories of training materials:

Earn a Certificate

Join the many cybersecurity professionals who have benefited not only from the skills they acquire, but also from the recognition of their continuing education and professional development. Formally acknowledge your professional accomplishments by earning one of our professional certificates in the following fields

  • Insider Threat. These certificate programs help organizations satisfy the requirements of President Obama’s Executive Order 13587 with sophisticated, flexible insider threat programs that are tailored to the unique circumstances of individual organizations.
  • Digital Forensics. This certificate program familiarizes experienced system and network computer professionals with the essential elements of digital forensics and builds on their existing technical skill set.
  • Secure Coding. This certificate program helps you increase the security of your software and reduce vulnerabilities in the programs you develop.
  • Security Management. This certificate program offers practical guidance to help you protect the security of your organization's information assets and resources.

Request an Assessment

Our experts offer assessments to help you evaluate how effective your organization's security-related practices are. These assessments include

Research with Us

Are we working on the same problems? We focus our research on cybersecurity challenges in national security, homeland security, and critical infrastructure protection. Our research produces new approaches, analysis tools, and training options to improve the practice of cybersecurity in private and public sector organizations. Contact us to talk about how we can collaborate to find solutions to shared problems.

Learn About Our Current Research. Watch some of our researchers describe their work. They discuss projects such as behavior based analysis and detection of mobile devices, malware distribution networks, and analyzing Internet and online social network concerns.

Sponsor Our Research. In our sponsored research and development, we study and solve problems that have widespread implications for cybersecurity. We work with many organizations on a variety of research projects. For example, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Energy have sponsored some of our research in software assurance and resilience management.

If you would like to conduct research with us or sponsor research and development work, contact us.

Report a Vulnerability

You can report security vulnerabilities to us when the vendor has not responded to your direct contact with them. We then work with affected vendors to resolve reported vulnerabilities. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability that has not been resolved, please report it to us.

Benefit from Our Experiences by Using Our Tools

We offer a range of tools and methods to help you conduct forensic examinations, analyze vulnerabilities, monitor large-scale networks using flow data, and more.

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We offer a vast collection of webinars covering topics such as DevOps, insider threats, malware analysis, secure coding, and more.

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